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Digital Field Solutions

by Locus Intel - May 29, 2018
Case Studies

The Company

UK-based tech company focused on mobile & software solutions.

Having been in business for over a decade, they developed Formworks, an award-winning mobile data capture platform for businesses with large field teams, such as sales consultants or engineers.

The Situation

Tim Howard, Digital Field Solutions’ co-founder, wanted to target mainly heads of field teams within construction companiesas a key method of increasing FormWorks’ reach into the market. Having plenty experience in the tech space, Locus Intelligence seemed like a natural choice to help Digital Field Solutions craft the right kind of message to the most senior decision maker.

The Method

During set up, it was determined that a bespoke, person-based approach would be the best way to solicit qualified interest from prospects. Accordingly, Locus Intelligence worked to isolate each business persona to tailor a unique messaging and follow up strategy. Using a variety of research platforms such as Hubspot
and LinkedIn, a target list of prospects were contacted individually. Locus Intelligence also recruited and trained up a dedicated business development resource to follow up over the phone once messaging had begun. The process was running smoothly within days of completing setup, allowing a stream of
qualified meetings to be booked into Tim’s calendar.

The Results

Within the first 8 weeks following setup, Locus Intelligence consistently matched over 100 custom messages sent with around 75 outbound calls made per day. Bounce rates were at an ultra-low rate due to forensic contact research through the persona-based approach. By the end of the second month, Digital Field Solutions had had 5 Webex conferences from 12 sales-ready opportunities generated by their dedicated business development resource. from these, one converted into a sale worth £20 000 over one year for a 61-user implementation. This yielded an ROI of 3x within the opening weeks.




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