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Creation vs Dissemination: The future of video marketing for business

by Locus Intel - Jan 25, 2019

The number one mistake video production companies and agencies make is the perspective they have of their content being an end and not a means.

There is a profound disconnect between production and dissemination – creating it vs getting it out there.

And when it comes to technical propositions that require precision handling in front of very niche audiences, to expect creatives to suddenly come up with an intelligent strategy that sparks engagement within an industry they know little about is, predictably, a bridge too far. Sure, you can post it on social and share with your colleagues, but unfortunately, over 90% of all business-related video content ends up simply collecting dust in the graveyards of YouTube.

It’s hard to imagine a junior ad agency copywriter passionately engaging with the looming TID Rollover event for all electricity meters in 2023. Yet this is what is required – a message still needs to be crafted and disseminated, regardless of the challenge, medium or topic.

This is precisely why a managed service approach to creating video assets for organisations must be adopted. It is not enough to simply conceptualise and produce a video – the impact it needs to create with its intended audience must be built into the production process from day one. It makes sense that those who create the content should also include its online promotion and sharing as part of an overall service model. It’s clearly a market need, so why not?

When done correctly, this post-post-production fuses the creative impact of a well executed piece of content with the required level of strategic focus to get it out in front of the people who should interact with it. In addition, this can also translate into recurring revenue for this new managed service, and a far more effective method of measuring the success of a project (and a relationship). Win-win.

For businesses with their own commercial and branding objectives, video production is really a means and not an end. A fancy video with great drone shots is great, but it’s only a worthwhile investment if it plays a part in a larger process of achieving those objectives. It needs to tell a coherent story, solve a problem or serve a real need.

This is a fundamental truth that all production houses need to understand if they are to maintain relevant in the years to come.




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