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Need assistance building your sales prospect database? Locus Intelligence has a team of researchers who have the systems and expertise to turn your targeting criteria into a list of high quality contacts regardless of where in the world you are going to market.

Depending on your requirements, we are able to include fields such as turnover, emails, phone numbers, job titles, websites, social urls and postal codes.

Our research service is predicated on delivering fresh contact data to our clients rather than pulling lists from an ageing database. Every data sourcing project begins from scratch, which is why we pride ourselves on low bounce rates and the best data quality available.

Data Cleaning

We’ve worked with hundreds of organisations to update, clean and improve the management of their complex sales and marketing data sets. Our time-honoured research processes and compliance with security and legal frameworks has allowed us to become internationally trusted, project by project.

From bespoke company-by-company research to manually updating thousands of personal contact details, we help make sense of data for salespeople. This enables them to implement an outbound sales strategy that is accurate, reliable and produces solid results.

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Case studies

Digital Field Solutions

Find out how we helped Digital Field Solution unify their sales and marketing efforts and create a sustainable lead generation engine using data, HubSpot sales automation, reporting and processes.

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Boomtown Creative

Boomtown Creative is an advertising and marketing agency that works with international retail brands. We helped not only drive revenue growth but also improved client service.

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Annually, Locus successfully markets over 40 events for the world’s largest M&A firm through a highly skilled team, innovative automation and custom built business processes.

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B2B Lead Generation

Pay-as-you-go high value niche opportunities .

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LinkedIn Lead Generation

Develop new business relationships through targeted LinkedIn campaigns

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Case Studies

Our results are rapid, scalable and cost effective based on your maturity as an organisation.

Case Studies


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